Sightseeing Tours Ephesus Tolkin Ramazanova tells about herself

Sightseeing Tours Ephesus

Hello all, I am one of the turkey tour guide, Tolkin, I am from Kazakhstan. I came to Turkey in 1992 to finish my higher education at the Aegean University in Izmir.

Immediately I have fallen in love Turkey that I decided to make the next step. Soon after I became the citizen of Turkey and that gave me the right to attend a professional turkey tour guide course organized by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture.

Kazakh Russian and Turkish languages

I am fluent in Kazakh, Russian, and Turkish languages. Beside of being of licensed tour guide for Russian language I am also a legal translator for Russian.

I have been guiding since 2003, mainly in the Aegean region. My home is in Kusadasi which is so close to Ephesus. I mean, I do know what is hidden under every stone of Ephesus.

I am also well-informed about Istanbul and Turkey. As a book lover I always read and hunt for new and interesting information about my new country.

I’m conducting all history, cultural and religious tours around Turkey.

Hope to see you soon in Ephesus and Turkey!

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