Private tour Ephesus Artemis temple Miniaturk

Artemis Temple

Private tour Ephesus - The Shrine to the Goddess Artemis Private tour Ephesus - The first shrine to the Goddess Artemis was probably built around 800 B.C. on a marshy strip near the river at...
daily ephesus tour virgin mary house general

Virgin Mary’s House

Daily Ephesus Tour - Catherine Emmerich Daily Ephesus Tour - in the 19th century a German nun; Catherine Emmerich, had visions of Mary in Ephesus though she had never been in this area. Based on...
ephesus walking tour

Saint John Basilica

Ephesus walking tour - Saint John Basilica Ephesus walking tour - Initially, a simple church structure may have been built over the Apostle’s grave. But by the fifth century there was a long-standing basilica with...
Ephesus sightseeing Seven Sleepers Grotto

Seven Sleepers Grotto

Ephesus Sightseeing - Grotto of Seven Sleepers Ephesus Sightseeing - The legend tells the story of seven young men who were accused of belonging to the Christian community at the time of the persecutions by...
Ephesus day tour virgin mary church general

Virgin Mary Church

Ephesus Day Tour - Virgin Mary Church Ephesus day tour - The Church of Mary (or Marienkirche) not only counts among the most significant of the historical monuments at Ephesus, it is also visited by...

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Why us

Private tour guide Ephesus – Why Ephesusday Private tour guide Ephesus - We as a group of tour guides, after having more than fifteen years...

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Ephesus day trips sirince culinary Ephesus Day Trips

Sirince Culinary Tour

Ephesus day trips - Sirince Culinary Tour Ephesus day trips – Travel Sirince will be enjoying the magnificent scenic drive to this authentic village. The village is the perfect synthesis of Turkish and Greek culture;...

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Celsus Library

Guided Ephesus tours Celsus Library details
Guided Ephesus tours - Celsus Library Guided Ephesus tours - The Celsus Library of Ephesus, named after the city’s former Roman governor and constructed in...

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