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Tour guides Ephesus – The warmest day over the next 25 days in Ephesus is forecast to be 28th October at 25°C and the warmest night on 7th November at 11°C. The average temperature over the next 25 days is forecast to be 21°C. The average for October is 19°C in Ephesus.

Tour guides Ephesus – When is the best time to go to Ephesus? Here’s some information to help you in your decision:

 • The best months for good weather in Ephesus are April, May, June, July, August, September, October and November
• On average, the warmest months are July and August
• Ephesus has dry periods in July and August
• The coldest months are January and February
• The rainiest months are January and December
For full information about the climate and weather in Ephesus a specific month, see blow:

Month             Average tp      Rainfall            Our opinion  

January            08°C/14°C       212mm            Tolerable weather

February          09°C/15°C       173mm            Tolerable weather

March              11°C/17°C       79mm              Tolerable weather

April                14°C/21°C       77mm              Good weather

May                 17°C/26°C       39mm              Perfect weather

June                 19°C/31°C       21mm             Perfect weather

July                  24°C/35°C       1mm               Good weather

August             26°C/36°C       2mm                Good weather

September       23°C/31°C       29mm              Perfect weather

October           18°C/26°C       94mm              Perfect weather

November       14°C/21°C       75mm              Good weather

December        11°C/16°C       217mm            Tolerable weather

Between the months

• Between the months of january and march the climate is not good, but still OK. At lunchtime, it’s 17°C in average and it rains about 33% of the time in march.

• In april the climate is favorable. The temperature rises to 21°C and, in april, 8 days of rain are expected.

• Between the months of may and june the climate is very good. It is for example 31°C as maximum temperature in june and you can expect to have 21mm of rainfall/month during this period.

• Between the months of july and august the climate is beautiful. By early evening, the temperature averages 29°C.

• From september to october the climate is very good. In average, on the morning it is 18°C and, in october, 7 days of rain are expected.

• In the month of november the climate is beautiful. At lunchtime, it’s 21°C in average and you can expect to have 75mm of rainfall/month during this period.

• In the month of december the climate is correct. It is for example 16°C as maximum temperature in december “Tour guides Ephesus”.

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