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Sightseeing tour Ephesus Sirince village
Sightseeing tour Ephesus- despite its location, perched upon the slopes of a mountain in Anatolia, the village of Sirince isn’t Turkish. Nor, duly, are the traditions that sanctify its popularity. Its Greek identity is one of Turkey’s best-preserved and thriving examples of what happens when you swap whole populations because of conflicting religious affiliations.
In the case of Sirince, it was the forced exodus of its Greek Orthodox populace and the replacement with Greek Muslims because of a treaty that required a large-scale population exchange in 1923. Thus, it is because of this mutual expulsion that a Turkish village — that is not Turkish— exists today.
Upon arriving, the whitewashed brick-and-stucco homes call greatest attention to Sirince’s characteristic Greek flair. However, step inside the village and witness the hordes of people that swirl in and around it; and you will see what brings the crowds –Turks and foreigners alike. Beyond the bucolic setting of a remote outpost of Greek heritage homes, it is the wine.
Fitted between traditional restaurants and small shops that sell handmade bars of soap and bundles of collected herbs, Sirince has a surprising number of shops that cater to Turkey‘s increasing thirst for domestic varietals, such as Okuzgozu and Emir, and European origin grapes, like Cabernet “sightseeing tour Ephesus”.