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Daily Ephesus Tour – Catherine Emmerich
Daily Ephesus Tour – in the 19th century a German nun; Catherine Emmerich, had visions of Mary in Ephesus though she had never been in this area. Based on her description, the priests from Izmir discovered the foundations of the old homestead on a wooded slope of Bulbuldagı (the Hill of Nightingales); also known as Koressos, near Ephesus. The house was dated to the 6th century AD, but some of its fragments came from earlier times; perhaps even from the first century CE.
Although the Catholic Church as the home of Mary has never officially recognized the place, many gestures made by the popes authenticated its history in the eyes of the faithful. First, Pope Leo XIII blessed the House of the Virgin Mary during his pilgrimage in 1896. Secondly, Pope Pius XII gave the House of the Virgin Mary the status of a Holy Place in 1951. This privilege was subsequently confirmed by Pope John XXIII.
Finally, Pope Paul VI paid a visit in 1967. Since then the House of the Virgin Mary has become a place of pilgrimage for the faithful. In more recent history, Pope John Paul II, in 1979 and, more also visited the House of the Virgin Mary recently – in 2006 – by Pope Benedict XVI “Daily Ephesus Tour”.